LMT® is proud to have the LM308MWS sanctioned by the NRA for M110 series service rifle competitions.

Buyer Beware

The following notice is being posted for your protection. We have been fielding calls about a SOPMOD buttstock (NSN 1005-01-544-9825) which looks like ours. MFR 58VQ8 IS NOT LMT®. Our cage code is 3W544.

(Figure 1) is a genuine Lewis Machine & Tool SOPMOD Buttstock. Look for the genuine LMT® marking on the under side of the release lever. Also note the placement of the Patent Pending (Figure 2) on the genuine Lewis Machine & Tool SOPMOD is on the flat above the release lever under the cheek weld. Not in the center of the flat. (Figure 3)

The counterfeit stock (Figure 4) has 192000 13020680 MFR 56V08 and the underside of the release lever has no marking. (Figure 5)


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